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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Stationery Love: Sticky Notes

I just have to buy these when I first saw it, though I'm not sure where would I be using it since I graduated 2years ago and would not needing a reminder of what I should be doing after classes. But nevertheless that didn't stop me for buying these.

I'm not sure what's written on each note, I just base it on what drawn on it.

There are times I use the girl popping out of the cake as a gift tag thinking the words
written are "Happy Birthday" in Korean. Then I found out its "I Love You" after giving it to
my sister's Korean co-worker.

It's sad I get to have this after graduating from school. It would a nice motivation
for me to use this set when my exams are about to come.


Claire Donovan said...

I am so addicted to stationery! Such a cute blog. thank you for following me and taking the time to leave a comment :) what camera do you use? When you want to take a close up picture there should be a little flower button which is 'macro' or if ur on a smartphone touching the screen where you want to focus should help! Can you tell I used to work in a camera shop? :p

Claire Donovan said...

Ooo also (don't hate me) stationery is spelt with an E. stationary means standing still. It will just help loads for your google rankings :) xo.

PEARLfect said...

Hi Claire, thanks for stopping by. I really love your blog and hope you enjoyed mine as much as I enjoy reading yours. I'm not good with taking photo nor understanding camera settings, but to answer your question I'm using Canon Powershot SD870 IS and yes I did used the flower thingy while taking all of this. :p

PS: Thank for the correction, I used to have that question which is right and wrong "e" or "a". ^^

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