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Friday, December 31, 2010

Lucky Cat

I call them Lucky Cats because of the resemblance with the actual Japanese lucky cat.

Standing Cat [Template Download]
Sitting Cat [Template Download]

Since the original site is in Japanese and translating it to your language of choice was no help at all. I'm helping you instead.

  1. Cut along the bold lines of the ear
  2. Glue them together leaving the tabs hanging
  3. With the ink-less pen, run along the dotted line with your ruler to have a slight round ears.

*For both standing and sitting cat

1. There are several bold lines on the cat's face, make sure to run your cutter along the line to create an o
pening for the ears and for the head's final closure.

2. Score along the dotted lines with your ink-less pen

3. Glue the head. Noticed
that the cat's face has triangular shapes tab like on it's face? cut along the bold line for that will create the shape of your cat's face.

4. After doing that to all of the triangular tabs. Gently bring them together by putting a small amount of glue on the white part and slightly pull the one you cut on it.

5. After gluing them together, you'll be having something like this.

6. Glue the hanging tabs on the side to seal the head. While the hanging tabs on the the bottom is to seal the base part of the head.

7. Remember the bold lines on the cat's face that I asked you to create an opening? Well, to finally seal off the head you have to insert the last piece of the hanging tab in it. (see picture beside)

8. Do the same with the ears. With the side opening of the head. Gently insert the hanging tab of the ear and you have a full head.


1. Once you have your cut out body, glue along the tabs to make the body as one.

2. Then you can add the hands, tail and the bell collar of the cat. Let it dry as it tend to wiggle and lose it's original place when you try to add in the head.

* I made the sitting cat because I find the other cat creepy specially it's big eyes.

credits: kids nifty


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