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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Angry Birds pt.3

There's a new collection of Angry Birds Papertoy that you can add on your collection.

Print. Cut. Glue your very own Angry Birds

This red bird is your basic bird. It's the staple of Angry Bird but doesn't do anything special.

This green bird who has a curve beak enabling it to act like a boomerang.
hence it is its ability to return to the originating bird sling when tapped.

This white bird is the only bird who have a projectile launched. The egg
will drop vertically as a bomb while the bird fly away upward.

This black bomber bird is effective in destroying stone structures as it will
explode several seconds after initial impact or upon tapping the screen.
This blue bird from the Angry Birds game has the ability to break glass blocks and
is capable of splitting into three smaller birds when tapped.


This yellow bird is ready to destroy some woods and glasses!


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice page on my Angry Birds. Thanks for the links. Btw, I just released the Pigs today. Enjoy!


Drachenbauer said...

i cannot download your angry birds. i get redirct errors...

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